10 environmental problems in East Kalimantan, the new capital

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10 environmental problems in East Kalimantan, the new capital

10 environmental problems in East Kalimantan, the new capital

The province of East Kalimantan (East Kalimantan) has 10 environmental problems to deal with. This was revealed in the performance report of the government agency (LKjIP) of the East Kalimantan Environment Agency (DLH) in 2018.

Yesterday (8/26), President Joko Widodo announced that the district of Kutai Karta Negara and North Sharper Sharpeners. These two districts are located in East Kalimantan Province.

In a report published in January 2019, the Environmental Office of East Kalimantan Province identified 10 strategic environmental issues in the following physical aspects:

  1. Pollution of water, air and soil caused by human activities
  2. Not yet managed Solid Waste / Garbage Management and Hazardous and Toxic Waste (B3)
  3. Floods continue to occur in a number of locations each year, although for the moment this is only a temporary flood.
  4. Use and management of natural resources that do not apply ecological and sustainable principles
  5. Coastal and marine damage
  6. Soil damage from coal mining activities
  7. Degradation of the forest
  8. Decrease of biodiversity
  9. Disturbances in protected and protected areas are still very important
  10. Poor implementation of management plans and protection of the environment and biodiversity

In addition, community participation in the preservation of biodiversity also has social aspects.

DLH Kaltim also complained about the limitations of the hardware to access the application of environmentally friendly technologies. And limited facilities and means of monitoring the quality of the environment and environmental laboratories.

The report also discusses the problem of overlapping environmental management legislation. They also recognized the lack of control and enforcement related to environmental issues.

It was also stated that coordination between sectors had not worked well in setting up the Environmental Office of East Kalimantan Province. In addition, the improvement of the environment was also described as partial because of the lack of integration of the intersectoral management of the environment.
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