5 causes of sinus infection

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5 causes of sinus infection

5 causes of sinus infection

Sinus infection or sinusitis is an inflammation that occurs in the cavity around the nose. Healthy sinuses are only filled with air.

When inflammation occurs, the mucus appears that can not dry out causing pain. In addition, the mucous fluid that blocks the nasal cavity can also cause germs to grow and cause infection.

Sinusitis can occur for several reasons. Avoid the cause so that the sinuses do not reproduce. The following causes sinus infections.

1. it's blocked

Around the nose, there are eight sinus cavities that are located in pairs on the left and right. Each sinus has a narrow space called transition space.

The space in the form of this hole serves as drainage. If there is a blockage in the transition of a sinus, mucus will appear.

2. Deviated nasal septum

The nasal septum is a thin wall of bone and cartilage in the nasal cavity that separates the two nasal passages. Ideally, the septum is in the middle of the nose to separate the two sides evenly.

However, in some people, the nasal septum can deviate due to genetic or traumatic factors. Quoted on the MD Web Health website, this distorted septum is the cause of sinus infection. In addition, it can also make someone snore while sleeping.

3. narrow sinuses

Some people also have variations in nasal anatomy that lengthen or narrow the sinus cavity. This anatomy can also trigger sinus infections that cause excess mucus.

4. additional sinus cavities

About 10% of people have an extra sinus cavity. It can also reduce the transition space, which triggers the onset of sinus inflammation.

5. Sensitive and allergic

Some people may also be sensitive to something and become allergic. For example, a number of foods and certain environmental conditions.

These conditions can cause the nose to react, which can lead to swelling or inflammation. This allergy can be a cause of sinus infection.
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