Curiosity Journey: 7 years of exploration of Mars

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Curiosity Journey: 7 years of exploration of Mars

Curiosity Journey: 7 years of exploration of Mars

The NASA Curiosity Rover robot has come a long way since arriving on Mars on August 5, 2012 or 7 years ago. The size of this car is an explorer used to find out how the environment is on Mars.

Curiosity Rover has managed to find a number of interesting facts about the planet Mars. Currently, Curiosity is exploring one side of Sharp Mountain, inside Gale Crater.

The area is thought to be an old drained lake. This explorer has traveled a total of 21 kilometers and has climbed up to 368 meters to reach the current point.

Cited on Space.com, Curiosity has also detected the presence of methane in the air of Crater in Gale. Methane is a compound produced by microbes and other living things.

However, the methane found on Mars shows no sign of life. The compound could have formed from the reaction between hot water and rocks on the surface of the red planet.

In addition, Curiosity Rover successfully discovered that Mars had several rivers and lakes millions of years ago. According to firstpost.com, a drill sample revealed mineral clays and salt.

These discoveries prove that once drinking water was flowing on Mars.

Although he managed to find a number of facts on Mars, Curiosity Rover would also have had a disturbance, including a disturbance in memory and interference with the drilling tool commonly used to drill rocks.

In addition, in the coming years, there will be two new explorers on Mars, the rover Mars 2020 and ExoMars belonging to Europe-Russia that is scheduled to land in February 2021.
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