Litecoin Halved, will it still five days, prices will go up?

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Litecoin Halved, will it still five days, prices will go up?

Litecoin Halved, will it still five days, prices will go up?

Bitcoin has experienced great volatility in recent times, which has pushed the cryptography market towards rampant movements, especially cryptocurrencies such as Litecoin (LTC), which have been under downward pressure in recent days.

Investors and analysts are closely watching the price response in Litecoin to the imminent mining event, Halving, which has always caused huge price movements.

At the time of the press, the price of Litecoin was 1,276,717 rupees, up 2.3% in 24 hours, according to CoinGecko.

Over a period of one month, LTC recorded most of the effects of low prices and slowly entered a period of consolidation that has earned it a lateral trade in the region of 1.2 million rupees in recent weeks.

Investors in Litecoin were disappointed by many disappointments, Halving's much-anticipated pump may have occurred, as cryptocurrency has gone from the lowest in 2019, to 420,000 rupees at the highest level in the world. over 1.9 million in late June - a leap becoming a massive leap The "half pump" we expected. To check when the litecoin needs to be halved, click on this link.

It's important to note that halving is only five days away, and many analysts believe that lowering mining rewards and a great deal can raise prices.

A recent report by Strix Leviathan, an algorithmic investment management platform at the institutional level, recently released a report stating that there was no direct correlation between the Halving event and the price hike. Leviathan also noted:

"We have found no evidence that cryptocurrency assets are experiencing halving events to outperform the market in the months leading up to and following the reduction in the miner's reward."

In addition, Leviathan also noted that in the past, Litecoin had outperformed the market in the months prior to its halving, but then faced downward pressure that caused a 25% drop in its market participants in the last few months. Leviathan revealed:

"LTC has outperformed the market in the months leading up to halving, but performance has dropped to the bottom 25% of the market after the first halving."

From this perspective, it seems reasonable that investors and analysts are very disappointed with Litecoin's performance in the coming weeks and months. Let's wait and see.
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