Pet dogs improve the health of their hearts

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Pet dogs improve the health of their hearts

Pet dogs improve the health of their hearts

Not only can you be a faithful friend, funny and adorable. Recent research has shown that keeping dogs is good for heart health.

A more recent study published in the Mayo Clinic Proceedings report indicates that having pets, especially dogs, can help maintain heart health.

The results of this study were obtained after researchers analyzed health and socio-economic information for more than 2,000 people in the Czech Republic in 2013-2014. Researchers also plan a follow-up evaluation every five years to 2030.

In the first evaluation in 2019, the researchers looked at information provided by respondents with no history of heart disease. The researchers compared cardiovascular health scores, heart and blood vessels, between pet owners and those who did not.

In general, people who have pets are more physically active than those who do not. They also tend to have a healthy diet and a stable blood sugar level. Specifically, dog owners get the most benefit for heart health compared to other pet owners. This applies to all dog owners of all ages, genders and levels of education.

Researcher Francisco Lopez-Jimenez, quoted by CNN, said having a dog as a pet can improve physical activity and heart health.

This finding is consistent with previous studies showing that having a dog was associated with more physical activity. In general, a number of studies have shown that pets reduce stress, improve self-confidence and are more likely to socialize.
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