Capital relocation, Kominfo prepares digital television at the border

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Capital relocation, Kominfo prepares digital television at the border

Capital relocation, Kominfo prepares digital television at the border

The government is preparing digital broadcasting facilities from the border areas, one of which is located in the Nunukan Regency in northern Kalimantan. This digital broadcast is provided in accordance with the Capital Transfer Plan.

"This digital reflection is also in preparation for the transfer of the capital to East Kalimantan, so the Kominfo government and the operator's friends are designing a new network in Kalimantan," said the Minister of Communication and Information. Nunukan, North Kalimantan, Saturday (31/8)).

Rudiantara explained that the digitization program included the Simulkas program.

This program allows people to use digital and analog TV together. The use of digital television should make it possible to broadcast higher quality programming than analogue television in the periphery of the country.

"So there are two ways to watch digital TV.If there is usually a new TV device that captures digital broadcasts, if the TV is a little old, you have to buy a trap called set upbox", a- he explained.

At the same event, three Indonesian TV channels provided free set-top boxes to residents, namely TVRI, Metro TV and Transmedia. With the retrocession of this configuration box, said Rudi, this can be very useful for residents who have an old model of television.

Penajam Paser Utara, East Kalimantan, Wednesday (8/28), candidate for a new capital. Penajam Paser Utara, East Kalimantan, Wednesday (8/28), candidate for a new capital. (BETWEEN PHOTOS / Akbar Nugroho Gumay)
"So, we can be quick in implementing Indonesia.Today, Metro gives free, Trans 7 gives free, and TVRI also gives free," said Rudi.

The digitization recognized by Rudi in this border area was originally to go through the revision of the law on television broadcasting in the RPD. However, Rudi said the review was never complete, even though the field infrastructure had enabled digitization in remote areas.

"Yes, we are discussing it with Commission I if, until next year, we turn political parties into government initiatives, after all, all ecosystems are ready, not only is the government ready, but also broadcasting, others, "he concludes.

Nunukan Regent Asmin Laura Hafid praised the presence of government communications in her region. Laura revealed that the expansion of digitization to the Nunukan area could be applied in all districts of the region.

"The hope is that this is maximized, as it has just been launched, hope that it will last forever, not only today, and that it can reach all districts of the district," he said.

According to Laura, digitization will be tested again in a number of districts. In the future, there will be an evaluation for the next placement in the program.

"We will continue to the head of the subdistrict and the villages where digitization is already present and has been launched, hopefully they can enjoy it," he concluded.

We know that in Nunukan, most people use satellite dishes to pick up TV shows. Even in this case, the emissions obtained are not always good. Subsequently, they also often receive programs from abroad such as Malaysia and Thailand.
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