Toyota's attitude has been revised to be anti-ball

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Toyota's attitude has been revised to be anti-ball

Toyota's attitude has been revised to be anti-ball

The Mobile Brigade or Brimob, a special operation unit of Indonesian police with urgent and urgent tasks, has a variety of action vehicles. The most recent vehicle is GAG. This vehicle was designed by a company from Bandung, West Java, Jala Berikat Nusantara Perkasa.

GAG is an action unit built from the Toyota Hilux chassis and rebuild engine.

But the body of the vehicle has been completely revised to use steel that can not be pierced by bullets. In addition to the body, glass and tires are also immune to bullets. Tires already use flatbed technology so that once deflated, it can still be used.

There are also additional options for radio communication equipment and weapon mounts. The 3,200 kg vehicle can be powered by a 2,500cc DOHC diesel engine developing 170hp at 3,400rpm and 343nm torque at 1,600-2,800rpm.

Its declared travel speed can reach 80 km per hour with a fuel consumption of 9 km per liter.

Although the dimensions, GAG has a height of 5,350 mm, a width of 2,085 mm, a height of 2,115 mm and a wheelbase of 3,085 mm. Agus Agus Kristanto, director of Nusantara Perkasa Bonded Jala, explained that the company's services were used by the National Police Headquarters to manufacture the GAG ​​since 2017.

"So since last year we have submitted 24 units to Brimob," Agus told Kemayoran in central Jakarta on Wednesday (7/11).
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